Foundation Form Base Problem

At one of my sites I use a simple Form Base for new contacts. Today I like to add a new field and see that my RW document has only a Form Base Stack with no fields inside.

If I drag a new Form Base Stack into my site it looks different

First I thought that this is my fault and I had deleted things during I’d made some changes at other sites.Therefore I loaded older versions of this site (up to 5 month old), but they all show now a wrong version of Form Base with no field stacks inside.
At my website the Form Base still works. The last time that I did a full republish of all files is a month ago as I switched to TotalCMS. I didn’t checked the Form Base Site, but the site still works at the moment and it must be ok as I’d republished it.

Have you lodged a support ticket/request with Joe’s team?

This is an actual known issue with the Stacks 3 plugin. Try changing some of the settings and changing them back. It should bring back the Form Base to the way it should be. If not, they try changing a setting, previewing it in RapidWeaver and going back to edit. That also works.

We are on here as well and try to help here (like I did) if possible. If it is too extensive to help here, than I usually suggest to send in an email.

thanks, that works…

My workaround is this:

Go into edit mode.
Click into the page with the Formbase stack
Switch to preview mode
Switch to another page.
Switch to edit mode
Switch back to the page with the Formbase stack

thanks, I got it working… BUT it cost me about 2 hours to figure out that this it is a known issue…

Remember, it is a known issue with Stacks 3, I guess formsnap has the same problem.

:wink: I think that is a general problem with RW. There is no central information board for known issues. It would be great if Realmac could add this to the topics.