Foundation sync error

I received the following error after updating to the latest version of Rapidweaver:

I’ve had this in the past, and closing and opening Rapidweaver fixed it. This time, it doesn’t. As soon as I updated, it asked me if I wanted to update Foundation, and I said that I did. I’m not sure what’s going on, or how I should address it. Can anyone help? Thanks!

The Theme and stacks for Foundation versions must match.

Check one of the Foundation stacks (Site styles):

Check the Theme:

If they don’t match (the latest is 6.3.0) then update what doesn’t.

Stacks library, check for updates. Rapidweaver restart for theme updates.

Thanks. It was the stacks that weren’t up to date, and now (thanks to you), the issue is resolved.

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I’ve noticed that you seem to have to manually check stacks for any updates lately. It used to check at startup of RW. @isaiah?

i’ve been trying to keep things pretty stable. there haven’t been changes to stacks in quite some time – but maybe it was that way an no one noticed?

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