Foundation Title Area placement

Hey there. I’m looking to adjust the placement of my Site Title on my website, which is using Joe Workman’s foundation stacks. The text in the top bar reads “Clement Price-Thomas • Production Design”, but it isn’t aligning with the left side of the top bar. Instead it looks like it has a left margin of about 90 pixels. How can I get it to hug the left side of the top bar container? Thanks!


Hi @thebiggestapple,

The easiest way it to simply turn off “contain within body”

This will allow Top Bar content to go to the edges.



It is because you have the Top Bar in a 1 column stack. That is where the margin is coming from.

Take TopBar out of the 1col and then optionally use the “contain with body” setting as @BrandonCorlett says.

You are effectively doing it twice - hence the offset

Was just about to say that. :slight_smile:

Yeah right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol granted it took me a minute to figure out why nothing was happening when I removed the “contain-to-grid” class from within the inspector. :grin:

That did it – thank you everyone!