Foundation Version Warning The version of your Foundation stacks and theme are not in sync. Do you have the theme set to Foundation 6? If so, please ensure that both the theme and stacks are up to date

I just updated my RW and it says all stacks are up to date but I get this warning. Why?

Did you verify that you have v6.8.1 of both the stacks and the theme? Verify that you also do not have multiple instances of the theme installed. I have seen this happen a few times.

Thanks, solved actually, after updating stacks in RW I got the error but it said everything was up to date. I closed RW and re-opened and it said the F6 theme was out of date and it then updated it. So all I had to do if I had known was close RW and re-open, 6.8 looking really great, thanks.


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