Foundation VS Foundary

Can someone advice me what is better and cost effective???

Please use the search function. Already discussed back and forth.


With respect, the products are evolving and it can be useful for people to have a users perspective on preference.

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They are both very good tools. Both are evolving. Some folks prefer Foundation, others Foundry. There is no general “better” in this case. But depending on the individual one set of tools seems to be a better fit for their way of doing things. This is a case where you really want to explore the tools via their websites and their support areas as much as possible.

… as for “cost effective”: I have no idea what that means in this context. The right tool for the right person is most cost effective. There’s no huge difference in price between them. Both now come with “add on” packs. For example, there’s the Foundry set of packs plus the Potion Pack of add ons. With both you can always purchase the basic set first, then purchase add-ons later if yo so desire.

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The problem with asking for user prospective on both, is your going to get a lot of “one sided” opinions.
If you look at that first post (it’s quite large) you’ll see what I mean. Your best bet would be to go through both venders sites, they both have free training videos and documentation, as well as their own forums.
Then if you have specific questions about one product vs the other post those questions.

This question does keep coming up, and there’s no right or wrong answer. There both good products from well supported vendors.

Most of the responses you’ll get will be from folks that only have one of products not both.


Make no mistake - everything you have said is valid.

I think it can be useful to see why people made the decision to go the direction they did. Many off you are far more experienced and may have considered something that the rest of us haven’t thought of.

I seem to recall a couple of weeks ago that there was someone taking issue with the Foundry menu structure and that’s something that would be easy to miss when researching, that might be highlighted here.

There are lots of us that might not fully understand what we want or need and these discussions may be useful.

I’m pretty certain that most people are aware they can research for themselves and I also take the point about being more specific.

If a question keeps coming up, maybe it’s because the responses are potentially useful.

I chose! Foundation because Joe Workman, offered the first “Responsive” complete set of tools (ie Stacks). For me the chose would be between Foundation & Foundry - because they both effectively provide the same results (ie Total freedom to design within RW + Stacks). They both cost about the same, although you can buy a ‘beginners’ set of stacks. You will probably buy the rest when you get the hang of things.

More interesting, from my point of view is they have spawned a new layer within the RW ecosystem. By this I refer to Projects or Templates (as opposed to Themes). On offer now are Foundation & Foundry projects which show you the extent of these new offerings. I’ve got several ‘projects’ that were built on top of the Foundation Theme (a blank theme without the usual options to modify the features). I’m experimenting now with cutting and pasting, parts of each project into my own designs. However, these ‘Projects’ are not a straight ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions - firstly they presume you have got the Stacks Plugin installed, and also require you to have several other stacks. The best source at the moment (IMHO) is the ‘Big White Duck’ stacks that were initially design to work on the Foundation & Foundry frameworks. BWD now offer most of their stacks, to work in most ‘frameworks’ & themes. As others have said, the frameworks system is always changing and improving.