Background images warehoused in flickr

Is there a theme or stack that can display full screen background images warehoused in flickr ?
I not certain if stacks such as Eclipse or SuperFlex (among others) have this capability.

Doug A.

Any stack that supports “warehousing” should support a Flikr URL.

If you are using Foundation you would simply use the Site Styles stack.

Eclipse will work too.

Due to the way some themes are constructed you may need to use some custom CSS or contact the theme developer if theme elements are masking the actual background of the site.

Thanks Brandon.
So if I understand correctly all I need to do is insert a URL for an album or perhaps each image separately. My confusion stems in part because Flickr isn’t mentioned in the documentation and because it appears to that a url is required for each image rather than an album, set, or collection.

Doug A.

Correct, in all the instances that I can imagine for this use case you would get the url for each image.

Here is a video I made over a year ago when I was just beginning to learn about “warehousing” images.

I haven’t really been on Flikr since recording the video so I don’t know if the UI or workflow is still the same.

Now a days there are a lot of options for “warehousing” images. Is there a particular reason why you are looking to of with Flikr?



Thanks again Brandon.
I was hoping to just link to an album rather than single images.

The reason I would like to use flickr is that am already doing so. It seems more efficient to have to manage only a single warehouse of images rather than multiple warehouses particularly after you factor in posting images on other social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, 500px, tumblr, zenfolio, and sometimes dropbox to share with clients…

If you have a solution for this I am all ears.


Why link to an album to display a single background image? Or are you after a background slideshow made from an album of Flickr images?


Yes, I am after a background slideshow.

This Weaverpix theme - - produces a background slideshow.

As does - from RWExtras.


Not a stack, but cannot see any reason why it would not, or could not be made to, work fine.