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I am working on a news page for a client using Alloy in Foundry 3 and in addition to the news articles being published on the news page designated in the Foundry setup, my client wants to have snippets of the articles on their home page that can be clicked on to then read the full article on the news page (sort of like a scrolling news feed). Is there a way to do this with Foundry or another stack? I can manually create these snippets and place on the home page and link to the articles, but that would be cumbersome to do every time a new news article is published. Thanks for your help or suggestions.

@AstraeaMarketing Hi, you have the « recent Posts » stack in Alloy to do it. Here’s the link to documentation. Hope that helps.

Hi Bruno. Thanks for that. For some reason, it wasn’t showing up in my Foundry stacks section. Restarted RW and found it. That would work but my client also wants a small thumbnail from the news article along with the text (similar to how a competitor of theirs does it - see attached image they sent me). It doesn’t look like the Recent Posts stack has the ability to display images too. Looks like I may have to just manually build the snippets for the home page and link to the news stories.

If he posts often on his blog, it will quickly become unbearable to make the links every time for each snippet. A script seems essential to me to retrieve the image, the title, etc. But as always I don’t know if it’s 100% no code that is searched for or just 99% :yum: Maybe a new discussion with your client to explain the cost of his fad. Anyway, good luck.

Thanks, Bruno. I’m no coder or programmer so if a script or some code snippet needed to be created to make this work as they client wants, I would have to look to someone to do it for me, And I know that can become pricy. I’ll let my client know that if they really want that on the site, it’s gonna be a whole thing. Again, thanks for your help.

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Hey @astreamarketing,

Alloy generates an RSS feed if you enable it in the Alloy stack’s settings.

If you then use an RSS reader stack, like for instance FeedSlider ($15, Stacks4Stacks), you can display up to 25 posts on any page in your project.

Wether or not it displays a thumbnail depends on if Alloy includes one (honestly I’m not sure if it does and I can’t check it at the moment). If Alloy doesn’t include a thumbnail in the RSS feed, then I don’t think you can add it.

However, if it doesn’t, you can always fiddle around with the blog stack’s setting to make it look pretty much like the one in your example.

For instance, that’s how I did it on my personal website:


Thank you, Erwin. This is interesting. I’ll check it out!