How to use ALLOY

Hi all, I’m new to RW, I bought the most essentials stacks like Stacks4, foundry, alloy , while I’m ok with foundry I can’t understand how to setup alloy to work, if I paste the various stacks the preview told me I need a blog folder or something like that, what I need to do? Someone can explain me how to setup the blog section? Thanks in advance.

That’s a pretty broad question. The best answer I could type up would not be nearly as good as the Alloy documentation page:

Or, the Quick Start videos:

If you still have questions after following those, it’s probably best to explain what you’ve done and where you are having issues. You can do that here or on Elixir’s support forum.


@Rik445 , as @DLH explained all of the documentation is available.

Basically you make a Foundry website, create a blog page and an ‘editor’ page (which you don’t show in navigation). Create a password for your ‘editor’ section and you are good to go. Just watch the video’s on Alloy Documentation, it’s all pretty straightforward

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I need to set the foundry theme to be able to do this? Because I tried but when I start the process to set the password my webpage load this

Yes, you need the Foundry theme. As @DLH has said, the documentation is comprehensive, and accessible. It really will tell you everything you need to know.

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@Rik445 , Alloy only works within Foundry (theme page and stacks).

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I set the foundry theme with the alloy editor and all but when I publish the page is all blank and I can’t see the login credentials for obtain the hash, what’s wrong?

Which php version runs on your server?

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Hi there, I don’t know, I’m a newbie, I think 7.4 but I’m not sure, my web hosting is
Maybe I did wrong to buy RW + all essentials stacks for a total of 450$ because I’m not able to use properly all functions. I’m not a pro but I’m not even a noob, I can use very well similar platforms, I thought it was more user friendly but it’s hard software and for every function you need to pay for new stacks, now as by now is like I wasted money.

How I can contact the support to get a refund of the software? I don’t think the stacks u purchased are refundable but I read in the site of real Mac that refund within 30 days is possible.

Why don’t you send me a support email and I’ll assist you in getting your problems sorted out. adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Send me an email with the following so that I can assist you:

  • a ZIP file containing the project file you’ve built in RW. This can be sent via a url using WeTransfer.
  • a link to your live page.
  • let me know specifically what version of PHP your host is running for your site.

These things we help me to help you.

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What is your email?

It is in the post above yours that you replied to.

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