Foundry, Banner

Hi which is the best format in pixels for a full width banner image, with no tiling, fill image middle centre. For some reason, using a 16x9, 1024 pxl I get a very small tiling of the same image on top besides it is set as no tiling, middle centre and fill ? Thanks, John [email]

Hi John,

I’m using images of 1260 x 800 for the banners on my website (Foundry, Banner fixed width and Parallax effect). Works fine for me. Check it out if you want on

I’ve set the banner height to 400 pixels, but because of the parallax effect my image is originally larger.

Hope this answers your question.


Hi Hans, thanks a lot, did find an error I made regarding the top tiled line and fix it but good to know about the right format. Will sure have a look at your suggestion. Thanks for answering my post.

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