Is there a way to position my banner image or do I have to resize it for it to work right. Also, I don’t know how to make it look right on my phone.

Thanks in advance.

Hi John. Sorry I’m not of any help since I use Foundation but not Foundry. Just wanted to say nice site.

Choosing images to use for banners can be tricky. It’s even more difficult when you are using locked backgrounds and/or parallax effects. You really want an image that has more space around the main content. For you, that means more background above and below you in the image. If you cropped your original image to tighten up on you, try one with more space above/below you.

I would probably move the navigation bar out of the banner and turn off the pair with banner feature. Having it paired is good when you want the banner to overlay part of the image. It works best with a mostly transparent background set on the nav bar. In your case, with a solid white background, you’re just cutting away more of your image and making things worse.

I would also play around with the banner height settings. Increase them so you are showing more of the image. Try: 400/550/650/800 for the four settings. You should be able to get it to look pretty good this way.

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What Don H said in his first paragraph!

One thing though. The banner is some 4mb and took forever to load. Here in our sleepy rural climes I’m running on a maximum of 2mb/s (on a good day)

That was super helpful! Thanks!!

I will keep that in mind. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to reduce the file size. I’ll work on it.


There’s an app called JPEGmini that reduces file sizes without reducing image quality. The Lite version is free and allows you to reduce 25 images/day.

Your image is 3456 pixels wide. That’s way too big. First, resize it down to between 1200 and 1600 pixels wide. Then run it through an image compression app like @davidfreels suggested.

Awesome, you guys! I copied the original photo and made the image smaller using preview and then I compressed it using the JPEGmini app!

Should be quick and easy to load and it looks just as good as before!

Thank y’all so much!

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