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Hi again,
I’m still trying to recreate my personal website (https://blog.saers.com) using Rapidweaver and Foundry. With your help I’ve got my top navigation set up, and I have a nice footer. Now I’d like my main content which is a picture that scales to fill the space in the window that is not the footer and header, and then place a stack with a header and a bit of text on top of that.

My question is: what can I put in the middle that will make sure header+footer+middle fills the entire window? That middle thing, can I put an image as background there? Or is there something I can put there to make a z-stack with image in the bottom and then content on top?



Not sure if you are looking for multiple images(like the link you gave)?

The Slider stack (Foundry) has a hero image option.
If you have the potion pak Shift or Motion Might do what you want.

Banner for a single image might work as well.


Take a look at this website I knocked up earlier today. Very simple. No header or footer but just two banners in foundry. The first banner is an image background. Change the width of your web browser to see what happens to the dog…

Screenshot below is the first banner and settings. You can add nav bar and footers above and below of course.

The second banner with the details of the raffle is just a graduated colour picker for the background and two columns with two paragraphs and one image.

The sky really is the limit on what you put between your header and footer. Watch the foundry videos and play with containers and columns etc.



Thanks Nick, the “hero banner” seems to fit the bill perfectly. :slight_smile: Thanks for the great example.

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Thanks for bringing the hero image option to my attention, Doug. I didn’t know it was named that. :slight_smile:

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Some of these stacks are unbelievably powerful. If you leave the hero unticked then be aware of the banner height in different screen sizes as you may find your image cut off at strange points. Take a look at “Banner Height” in the settings right at the very bottom. These are ignored if hero mode is on (i think).

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