Foundry Card Deck

Is there a way to put a hyperlink on and image in the foundry Card Deck? Thank you

Hi there @flmcl – can you be a little more specific about your question? The link would be placed in the Card stack itself, which is inserted into the Card Desk. Where in the Card would you like the link? In a block of text, as a standalone link? Something else?

More specificity will help in answering your question. :+1:

It would be nice to be able to click on the image in my card and go to a webpage. I know I can add a text link in card. thanks

In the Card stack add a Card Slice instead of a Card Image:

The Slice will allow you to insert other stacks inside of it. In this case use the Foundry Image stack, which allows you to add a link to it, like so:


Got it thanks alot that works :slight_smile:


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