Graphic buttons

I’m using Foundry. How can I use a graphic of my choice for linked button?


It sounds like you just want to add an image of a button to the page, and link it, correct?

If so, drop a Foundry Image stack onto the page, place your button image in the stack and then use the Link option in the Image stack’s settings.

Not sure what you mean. I placed an image stack on a page, but I don’t see a link option.

click on the graphic…and the link button will show12%20AM
Sorry this is for Stacks 4!

The Link button on the bottom of the page is dimmed and not available. What am i doing wrong.

The link option is a part of the Image stack’s settings, here:

That setting is mentioned on the Documentation page for the Image stack, here: Image

Aha! It’s easy when you know what to do! Thanks!!

So unable to leave well enough alone, is there a way to add a hover image?

No, the stack doesn’t have a way to do that.

Thanks, anyway.

However, the Hover Image stack does. It’s available as part of the Potion Pack add on for Foundry.

No, Hover Image does not have a secondary image when hovered over. It provides a hover overlay on the image via CSS animation when hovered over.

Thanks. I’ve just purchased that pack.

As I mentioned above that stack will not do what you want, @robbeattie was mistaken.

My mistake, the Potion Pack Hover Image stack does not do what you want.

Oh well. If I pursue this idea, maybe I’ll use tool tips as a roll over.

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