Random card publishing

I have been given a job creating a website that is a portal for 17 tourism companies. The companies want to be profiled with a card that contains a picture, text and a link. The problem is that they want the cards to appear randomly on the main page. Is this something that can be done with RapidWeaver?

Hope you understand what I mean.



Thanks. Fine cards, but I want to use Card from Foundry. All cards must be displayed at the same time and must be randomly placed on the website.

Ah Foundry, didn’t see that in your post.

What about the using the carpenter templates from elixir. There are some possible card options.

SortStack from Stacks4Stack may be a solution, but I need to check more solutions.

Why not use the sort stack foundry offers

Hi Bjorn,

Card stack in Foundry is great. Maybe you can combine it with



I don’t have these stacks myself, but might be worth a try.


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Why did I not think of that stack :thinking: Seems to be a solution.

@mrTablet , @rolisize , as far as I know Sort stack is not a randomiser.


Yes. Demo.


Great, I’m a huge Foundry fan, I didn’t know Sort did this. Thanks.

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