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(Paul Brown) #1

Hi there. I’m using Foundry and the Navigation bar which is working well.

My client has asked to add divider lines between each title to separate them out. I see there’s not an option for this but does anyone know of some clever CSS that will do that?

Many thanks!

(scott williams) #2

a url would be helpful

(Paul Brown) #3

Hi - of course - this is what I have so far:


(scott williams) #4

the easiest way is to just add a right border using CSS depending on what you are after.
border-right-color: black;
border-right-width: 1px;
border-right-style: solid;
That should get you a start

I don’t have Foundry but I think ist built on bootstrap, there is probably already a class for vertical dividers. Are you sure there is no option already there?

(Paul Brown) #5

Hi Scott - that’s spot on! Excellent, many thanks for that:+1:

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