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Hey Everyone. I’m fairly new to RW but getting the hang of it. I’ve started to build the outline of a website and I’m using Depth, Foundry, and a handful of other stacks. I’m having a little trouble with Depth and Foundry playing 100% nice with each other. First off, I am aware that they are from different developers and so not designed to work seamlessly together, but I’m hoping folks here have a fix or suggestion for my issues.

I could probably get away with using just Depth or Foundry, but both have easy to use features that I would like to incorporate. However using them together has created some display issues. Which are:

I prefer the Navigation bar of Depth, however when I add the foundry base the nav text is no longer centered vertically in the nav banner. Relatively minor, but it stands out to me in a big way. I’ve played with all the settings in both the depth base and foundry base and can’t fix it. See examples here:

Depth theme without foundry, everything looks fine:
Depth theme with foundry base, Nav text is slightly high:

If I decide to go with the foundry theme and nav bar, which looks fine, I get a different issue with some of the Depth sections. There are about 800 pixels of empty space off the right that the user can scroll to. See here: (can’t post more links, but type in …/page-6/)

I tracked this issue to have something to do with that Depth section (Tasmania). For some reason, if I set the container setting to “center” the scroll problem goes away. However that is not how I want the layout of that section. See here: …/page-5/

If I use the Depth theme the scroll to nowhere problem goes away, but I’m stuck with that Nav bar text I don’t like: …/page-4/

Any suggestions? If i use the Depth theme I have one problem, and if I use the Foundry theme I have another. Sort of stuck at this point trying to decide what basic structure to build with.

Thanks for the help.

Which theme are you using? The Depth theme or the Foundry theme? In order to use Depth with Foundry, you will need to use the Foundry theme.


Good call Steve, based on the code on his page, he is using the Depth Theme, so he will have to switch it over to use the Foundry stacks with the Depth setup.

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Thanks for the replies. Ok got it, Foundry theme. When I use that, and then drop in a Depth section, I get a whole bunch of empty space on the right side (scroll over on It’s only there if I also have the foundry base code on the page. If I remove any Foundry from the page, it looks normal:

Any ideas on how to get rid of the empty space on the right side?

EDIT: May have just found a solution accidentally. If I put that Depth section in a Foundry “container” stack, and then set it to “fluid” it gets rid of that empty space on the right. Not sure why that works but I’ll take it.

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