Foundry or Foundation? Can't Find Side by Side

@joeworkman. Yes sure. I got so much Stacks from you that there is no reason to think something else.

@coachpeter I din’t want to influence your decision What Framework to use. Swatches are great, but for me and my projects partials are fine.

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Swatches and partials are two totally different things. You can have swatches inside of a partial, in fact probably most swatches are used that way.

Swatches are much closer to the way a natively coded (HTML , CSS) website would be structured, With the styling portion (CSS) being defined separately and reused. It will take you getting used to but will save you time and Can make the pages Smaller in size.

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It was not my intention to start such a discussion. I just wanted to give Peter a decision guidance. OK, swatches may be closer to the hard code. But you’re right, it takes some time getting used to and if you got a lot , you got to have a list for the overview. Or a god plan and predefined Swatches. Me I’m working like a lot of artpeople. I give it a try and see what’s happening. Sometimes I got to react to clients wishes. And those are sometimes like shooting down the whole work. That’s why. I couldn’t get used to it in a short time. I always have to figure out things fast. If I don’t, I have to go another way. Surely I will still deal with F6, I have done TCMS and ECMS as well. But it took me a while to get into it. Again, it should not be judgmental. It sounded for me like Peter was in a hurry.
Sorry for screwing thing up.

This is where swatches will save you a lot of time. Client’s and even you the developer change directions, especially when it comes to styling.

There is a learning curve for whoever is doing the development of the site. You need to rethink the way you work but in the end, you’ll find yourself saving time and able to respond much quicker to changes.

If you or your client changes their minds on something as simple as a color scheme, if you’ve set colors for backgrounds and text in every single stack on every single page, you’ve got a lot of things to change. With swatches in a partial or external you change the swatches and you’re done.

My experience with most clients is they often don’t know what they want when it comes to style until they see it. Content rarely needs ”global” changes, but styling often does.

Separation of content from style Is a fundamental reason for CSS3 and HTML5 AdvancementS.

So, I think you’ll find that not only will swatches make the code smaller it will make responding to changes much faster.

If your an experienced Rapidweaver user You’ll need to learn to think differently than you are used to—kind of like when mobile sites first came to be, if you been around that long. Changed the way you do things, and swatches will too.


You need to rethink the way you work

I learned typesetting the old way. With led letters. Way back in 1969. Guess how often I needed to rethink the way I got to work. I‘m a bit tired of this.

When I finally found(ry) a way which makes my life a bit easier I take the chance. No matter if there is a way which make things easier. When I don‘t get them in the first time, I skip them. It‘s a bit like „… Father bull and son bull…“





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