Newbie question, if you were buying today, would you get Foundation or Foundry?

Have bought and downloaded RapidWeaver8 and Stacks. I want to be able to break free from templates, my understanding is that I need either Foundation or Foundry add on’s.

Would love to hear what the benefits of one over the other before buying.

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There is more than just those two to check out.
Have a look at Source, it’s super lightweight and free.

+1 for Source (though Fandation and Foundry are excellent). There’s also UIKit and Platform.


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This is a difficult choice to make at this point. If Foundry and Foundation were to remain in the same state they’re in, I would say Foundry. But Foundation 6 is right around the corner, and there are a number of changes coming in Foundry. At this point, I would listen to @teefers and have a look at Source. It would give you a good foundation (no pun intended) in Stacks, and you could wait to see how the whole Foundry/Foundation thing shakes out.

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Thank you! I will check out Source.

Thank you, I will check Source, UIKit and Framework :slight_smile:

I will wait for Foundation 6 before making a decision, thank you for letting me know. Headed to get Source right now! Thank you.

Also keep in mind the changes coming in Foundry. From what I’ve read, I believe that @Elixir is working on the docs for the new stuff right now. (Yes, I am a Foundry fan, though I’ve had good results with UIKit as well.)


There are a good few options more than Foundation and Foundry these days.

Haven’t used Foundry, looked at it in the past and is didn’t quite suit me at the time, many happy users though.

Foundation is due to be replaced by Foundation 6 soon (you haven’t missed 5 versions it’s just a naming thing). If I remember correctly any purchases of Foundation now will get a free upgrade to Foundation 6, though the upgrade may not be straight forward and may involve rebuilding with the new version stacks (someone who is involved in the pre-release testing may be able to help with that one). The developer behind it, Joe Workman, is very good as he posts lots of videos and is very active in the community. I have the original version, it’s been good to work with and learn more about responsive design.

Source is one of the newest, I have it and I’m really enjoying learning to use it. The free stacks are a good starting point, the extra stacks which do a few more things and allow more custom layouts are fairly inexpensive (£20). I would highly recommend buying one of the training packs (the Vista one was very useful). It doesn’t do everything, that was never it’s intent, it’s more concerned with being as small and fast as possible whilst allowing you to add your favourite stacks as needed.

Platform is another recent addition. I have it but haven’t played with it much yet (never have the time I hope to have).

UIKit recently upgraded to version 3 and this seems to have been a very popular upgrade, particularly with power users. Starter projects can also be bought directly from Weaver’s Kingdom and also UIKitter as well.

Thank you so much for the information! I have used Dreamweaver but have now committed to making the switch to RapidWeaver, there is a small learning curve. My primary reason for purchasing is to redo a family tree website created years ago, it needs updating.

The number of links and pages on the family tree site make it very large and unique (I have never found a template), I also want a nice system for adding images to a page.

I have just got Source, am anxious to try it out now. Will definitely check Foundation 6 when it is out. Thank you.

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