Foundry social badges, what to set the links to?

Foundry has a social badges stack, and when you drag it into place, for each icon, you have to set the link… I’m curious what to put in those links… do you put your page so it will share it on the Facebook, or Twitter, what have you, or do you put Facebooks link, Twitters link, URL, if so, how you decide what to put? There are many ways to address Facebook… I thought this would know the FB URL and would share my page… I’m beginning to think it’s just icons and you set the URL to the service… confused, anybody know?

For the Facebook one I put in just and it takes me there and does nothing… are these meant to be links to your OWN facebook page, which would make sense, they’re not for sharing the current page to the surfers social page, they are for showing your own social page to the surfer… so they can connect with you there… is that right? Does anyone know of a social badge setup from someone, a stack, that SHARES your page on the SURFERS social media page? Poster has this for itself… Jannis has a social badge stack for poster that shares the page you’re on in poster only… want one for general pages, so people can promote me on their social site, I’m sure if I know how to type the URL, there’s a way to put an URL in Foundry’s social badges so that it shares my page, I would have to enter my page into the button, with some other fancy code, that tells the platform we’re sending in a share… anybody know that code for Facebook, Twitter, etc. ?

I don’t know about the foundry stack. Stacks4Stacks has [ShareStack]( that works like the poster but for any page…

Yes. These are for you to link to your own social profiles. I have a stack called Share It that will share you page across various networks.

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