Foundry Stack Help - Sliding ads in between stories in mobile

I’m not sure I can explain this easily. I have Foundry 2 and using 'Reveal" stack on the right column and a ‘card’ stack on the right.
So in desktop view all the ads slip in on the right nicely with the stories on the left. All good. However in regards to the Mobile version all the ads of course are in line with the stories, yet all come below the stories. I want a “reveal” stack (ads) from the right to slip in between each story on the left, when in mobile mode.

Any ideas appreciated. My thoughts are having to rip apart the 2 column stack that all this content sits inside. There are so many ways to set this up it’s a bit overwhelming. Yet … simple? gahhh

This is just a quick think.

Set the 2 column stack to not display at mobile size. That way you don’t have to rip it apart.
Create a new container or single column stack and fill it full of your content with the ads interleaved at the positions you require. Set this container to only display at mobile size.

The negative is you create the content twice on one page. I’m sure there will be a more efficient method that other skilled people can tell you.

If I understand what you are saying, it sounds like you have a single two-column stack with a bunch of articles in the left column and a bunch of ads in the right column.

Works well on larger screens but when you hit the small screen size breakpoint and the single two-column stack goes to a single column and stacks the content side on top of the ad side, that’s not ideal.

What you want is the individual articles to be intertwined with the ads right?

Couldn’t you just break up the content into multiple two-column stacks? Have the first article and the first ad in their own two-columns stack, followed by another two-column stack with the second article and second ad, followed by a third two-column stack with the third article and as, etc, etc.

That way on mobile the first article will show followed by the first ad, followed by the second article followed by the second ad, and so on.

I didn’t mention Reveal, because that’s just part of the content. You could probably set up a partial with the two-column stack, Reveal, margins, etc, etc and just un-pin the content and ad area.

Yes, you will have to “rip-apart” the current two-column stack and break it up with this approach. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In the future, you might find doing page layouts to start with mobile-first. It’s always easier for me to start with the mobile layout and expand the layout for larger breakpoints.


Excellent and much simpler to do and no repeated content or hiding stacks.

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