Elixir Graphics - what theme did they use to make their actual website?

Hey group,

I’m looking for an attractive new theme, and I had the odd experience of searching for themes on Elixir’s website. When I went to browse the themes they sell, I found myself wanting to re-create their website, rather than use the themes they’re selling. Nothing wrong with their themes, but it’s the parent page BEFORE you view the theme, that I absolutely love. (figures)



I looked at the source on the site in safari it seems to be built with there foundry Theme and stacks

  <!-- Main Theme Stylesheet -->
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="../../rw_common/themes/Foundry/consolidated.css?rwcache=709839372" />

Hi @amdrecording,

Elixir also sells Foundry - which is not a theme, but a framework for RapidWeaver that allows you to build your own sites from the ground up (not using a theme, but a blank slate - essentially building your own theme).

Elixir used Foundry to build their website.

You can purchase Foundry here, but keep in mind you’ll also need the Stacks plugin to make it work.


Thanks! I’m not sure I have the skill to build something like that from the ground up, even when armed with a framework as cool as Foundry. May give it a shot. I appreciate the answer!!

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