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Yes, thank you for asking. I use includes all the time. That’s why with what you started this thread with it did not make sense that it worked with WP. All is good. Probably best to let this thread drop unless comments are on topic.

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Please be more descriptive on use and deployment/install of the script, such that the average web developer can use it.

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Well said, Brandon!

I think this is an interesting workaround, and curious to see how it pans out (works). I’ve got to say that the “costs” associated with hosting WordPress, keeping it secure, updating it, etc, can turn out to be much more expensive (and hassle) than simply using one of the many plugins / platforms available for RW.

Speaking from extensive WP experience, adding WP to the mix only complicates things x10. Like everything, a website is better kept simplified + streamlined.

Essentially, you’re introducing the threats of WP into RW. :confused:

All that said, love stuff like this! Just throwing in my personal 2 cents!

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Sorry, I don’t have the strength to redo this thread.

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Hi Aaron,
Just to clarify again - this is NOT about making a WordPress website. This is about using the MySQL database that WordPress creates. You could just as easily go straight to MySQL and not use WordPress at all. The reason I use WordPress is for the GUI (login/pass, easy to use editor, revision control), but that’s my preference. Access MySQL any way you see fit or just use flat files.

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Right, I get that. My response was to the solution you posted here (which does use WordPress). :slight_smile:

I think it’s a neat workaround, and I’m glad you shared it - but full disclosure has to be provided. Someone with no WP or SQL experience could make a real mess with this. That’s why the add-ons / platforms exist - to create CMS functionality within a RW site without the vulnerabilities that using a database introduces.

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Sorry, didn’t I say that in my first sentence?

This CMS uses WordPress as the back end (though you can just as easily go direct to MySQL or some other CMS)

I also might add that the reason I wound up going this route was because I bought two CMS stacks which didn’t work. The first was Dropkick CMS which made .htaccess rewrites and conflicted with the shopping cart. If you want to talk possible website disasters - htaccess screw ups are right at the top! The second CMS stack was EditsPro which conflicted with the MP3 player. That’s why I first posted the thread RapidWeaver - native CMS? wondering why at this stage of RapidWeaver’s development it doesn’t ship with a CMS. Anyway, that’s how this all started!

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@Aaron… that could be said about any piece of software/script/code including RW itself. If a person really doesn’t understand what RW is doing they could also really mess up their site. Like renaming pages and paths to no end so server has duplicate versions of everything and seo can never get things right. That’s just one example. Yet, we don’t blame RW or RealMac when things like that happen do we? We simply say that people didn’t implement and use RW correctly.

It’s good for people to learn. If people don’t want to try it they don’t have to. But it may just be what someone else needs.

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Right…my point is this specific solution (mentioned in OP) is adding an EXTRA element of vulnerabilities to any existing site. The solution was labelled as an alternative to current paid options - I’m simply stating why the options might be better for most people.

I personally would try this in a heartbeat, and probably will – I find this intriguing.

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In all fairness, those two older CMS products for Rapidweaver do not hold a candle to the latest available products.

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Hmmmmmm… not sure about that.
They are maybe not supposed to. Different product with different objectives.

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RapidWeaver - sample HTML in a page

Copy HTML to your WordPress page

Replace HTML in RapidWeaver with includes code

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