Help! Let’s Talk CMS

I’m working on a cooking website and I’m a little worried about all the pages it will have for recipes and how to best manage them. I was thinking that a CMS would be the best way to handle this. Is this correct, or would something else work better?

Also, funds are limited. Would it be easy to tie in WordPress for this? All I’d need would be a link to the recipe section, correct?

Have a look at WebYep. Stacks4Stacks have a very reasonably priced suite of stacks that make it easy to use. Note that you’ll also need to get WebYep itself, which is linked from their page. I got it all today, and was up & running in no time, after watching the short YouTube video…

Thanks Adam! That looks very interesting.

I love Stacks4Stacks. Great developer with top notch customer service.

@AngelArs You can save all your recipes to a Wordpress blog, then display the posts in your RapidWeaver page(s) using our Wordpress stack.

I hope this helps :wink:

So it needs to be updated by someone who doesn’t use Rapidweaver?

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Very interesting. I’m intrigued.

How would I use a stack within a WordPress page?

Each recipe (page) needs to use stacks like the “Charter” stack, “CalcStack” and several other stacks. Would this be possible?

It’s just the other way round: you would use a WP page within a stack… :wink: Great solution, but you wouldn’t be able to use stacks like “Charter” and “CalcStack” inside the WP posts, since WP isn’t capable of using stacks.

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What about having the top half of the page be WordPress (text and pictures) and then the bottom of the page be RapidWeaver (with the stacks). Would that be possible?

Per the question above I’m Interested to hear if the site will be updated/managed by others not using rapidweaver as well. I haven’t seen mention of joe workman’s total cms but I feel like the blog functionality would work quite well here. I don’t have any experience with other rapidweaver focused cms systems (other than cushy cms and total cms) but it seems one of the various options with blogging abilities might work. Perhaps budget constraints will not allow?

It will only be managed by one person.

Total CMS is out of the running.

Budget is certainly a big factor, but not impossible.

Yes, but does that one person have Rapidweaver? If they do, they can just use RW - no need for a CMS.


Yes, but I always thought that a CMS was needed for posting something repetitive like posting recipes would be. Wouldn’t a CMS be less straining on the server?

Another option is Armadillo CMS for RW. It’s easy for both the developer and the end user. And as discussed in another post, @nimblehost is working on version 3.0 (no release date yet). But the current version is great already, and very reasonably priced $39 ! It supports multiple users with different rights, multiple blogs etc.

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Yes thank you. This looks like a good option also.

Short answer no.

Are you talking about a few hundred recipes, a few thousand, tens of thousands or more?

It also depends on the CMS and the hosting company and plan used.

The main reason to use a CMS is to allow content to be added and changed on the fly without having to republish.

I’d have a look at Poster stack.

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Sounds to me like you don’t need a CMS at all. Just update the site using Rapidweaver.


Probably between a few hundred and a thousand.

Very nice. THANK YOU Doug!

Interesting. I hope you’re right :grinning:

Poster Stack should be able to handle a few thousand without a problem.

Jannis @instacks is always helpful.


@yabdab, why recommend your Wordpress Stack over your own GoCMS?

GoCMS is I think $150 (to @yabdab) for unlimited sites vs I think $40 for your Wordpress Stack

I’ve not thought about your Wordpress Stack for CMS, but it certainly could be used for that.

Full disclosure: I own a copy of @yabdab’s Wordpress Stack, and it’s fabulous.

Just curious about your reasoning.

@davidfreels I did not mention Go CMS because I got the impression @AngelArs was not wanting to spend that much ( even though our unlimited license works out to be a fabulous value ).

Here is the link if you want to check it out. It would work really well for what you describe.