From Weavers Kingdom back to Archetypon

Hi everyone,

I’m back setting Archetypon as the main source of my web products. A little short after changing to Weavers Kingdom I began developing stuff for other applications as well: it went quite well I must say, so much so that the weavers in Weavers Kingdom made no more sense although I still make stuff for RapidWeaver as you may know.

Meanwhile I’ve a bit of lost the counting, but I guess I’m developing for RapidWeaver alone for about a decade now.

Anyways…I’ve already got together a new website for Archetypon:

I’ll try to make the transition back to Archetypon site as smooth as possible, get all support running fine etc, but if you guys get any issues please let me know.

More news will be posted here:



Hi ! Just to say that in this page, the "Jack Miller - PREVIEW ALL PROJECT button doesn’t work…
So you can fix it…


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Thanks :pray:

Do let us know when you go back to Weavers Kingdom again! :slight_smile:

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