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Hi Everyone, I’ve been trying to contact the good folks at Weavers Kingdom using the Contact Form on their Support page, but something must be wrong. I am not receiving an auto reply response and I can not make contact. Hopefully someone from Weavers Kingdom will read and respond/help. Thanks

Adding a direct mention - @Lucas - may attract their attention. Good luck!

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Thanks for your help!

No problem. I think they’re in Brazil as well so the time difference may be an issue. They do good stuff though and I’ve found them very helpful in the past.


@robbeattie thanks for the help and kind words.

@squarehead indeed I did not received nor have a ticket open for you, my support desk seem to work fine from my side. You may send your message to support@weaverskingdom.com or visit the support website at https://www.support.weaverskingdom.com/

I am having the same issue getting no response from the Weavers Kingdom. I submitted two contact forms a couple days apart and got no response or ticket number.

My issues are with my UiKit that I purchased last summer. It has not updated since the original install last August. I see from the Weavers Kingdom Change Log that there have been many updates since my purchase. I have not seen these updates show up in RapidWeaver 7.4.1 and have not been notified by Weavers Kingdom regarding these updates and where or how to get them.

The only Weavers Kingdom stack update I do see is the Font File (version 110) and it shows up every time I check for new stacks. I must have installed it a dozen times now and it comes back every time I check for stack updates.

Hi @ghenschen, indeed I have no support ticket opened for you, if you did received an automated response with a ticket number please pass this number to me.

You may get the latest updates from all your purchases in Cartloom, download and re-install: http://weaverskingdom.cartloom.com/lookup

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your quick response to my Forum post.

Before your Forum reply, I received no responses, automated or otherwise, to my two support inquiries. I have no support ticket numbers to give you.

When I purchased UIKit last summer it was through Paddle and not Cartloom. When I look up Cartloom purchases only September and later purchases show up, not my August UIKit purchase. When I go to Paddle I see my UIKit purchase, but the links do not provide updates to what I already have. It appears those purchasing before you shifted over to Cartloom have been left in the lurch for updates.

  1. How do I get updates from Cartloom when they have no record of my UIKit purchase? When I bought you were using Paddle.

  2. Why don’t UIKit stacks update through Rapidweaver’s stack update mechanism?


@ghenschen Just sent fresh links of your purchase to your email via Cartloom so you’re into the loop again.
If you need any further help please use this email: support@weaverskingdom.com

Thanks Lucas!

I can finally update my UIKit stacks purchased last summer.



Last August I also purchased your Font File stack via Paddle. This was
version 1.01 as I recall. In RapidWeaver 7.4.1 when I check for stack
updates I see a 1.10 update for Font File. I try to apply the update and
RapidWeaver says it updated but the 1.01 version remains and the 1.10
version update is ignored. I see this Font File 1.10 update every time I
check for stack updates but it never installs, despite many attempts.

I believe the issue is the stack is now Weavers Kingdom and not your old
name Archetypon. Do I need this stack shifted over to the Weavers Kingdom
in order for stack updates to work.? If this is the case, I need a Cartloom
download link for this stack so updates will cleanly install. If the
name/source isn’t the issue is there an update bug with this stack?

I have attached my receipt for the Paddle purchase of Font File as proof of

One other question. I purchased the Nils Template last year. Will this work
cleanly with RapidWeaver 7.x? Has Nils been updated and how do I get the


Greg Henschen

@ghenschen please send your issue to support@weaverskingdom.com and I’ll be happy to help.


Why make updates in such a way as to ask them each time from the developer, if the program itself is properly implemented?

And this becomes the norm when some of the stacks can not be updated in the program itself.