Changes to Archetypon

Welcome Weavers Kingdom!

I’m changing the brand name of Archetypon to Weavers Kingdom. Why: from time to time I get questions like what the heck this means, or how on earth you pronounce this etc etc…So I opted for, well, Weavers Kingdom.

Everything else remains the same except for:

Support: please send support messages from tomorrow January 28 to, as I’m still into the changes.

Cartloom: If you purchased some of my products under Cartloom your order is safe, the address for order lookup changed to

That’s all. I’m still reviewing / uploading / fixing all URL’s, so both sites are live…Weavers Kingdom is here:

Please do send me messages (from tomorrow January 28) if you find issues or problems.



Pity. I rather liked the old name. Good luck with the new name!


@peterdanckwerts Really? Oh I’m sorry then!

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Well, it’s just me. It seems quite reasonable to change it if you keep getting questions.

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I too rather liked Archetypon.
I’d suggest it’s far more contemporary than Weavers Kingdom.

Maybe keep both going just in case you change your mind :wink:

Ditto (from the Peanut Gallery).

I concur, the name Archetypon is memorable. I can recall your suite of remarkable themes and stacks.

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I concur too. But good that the old website still exists.

just keep Archetypon, Lucas! :wink:

and make the name a link to a Wikipedia page :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol @pl_svn nice idea!


Weavers Kingdom? I’m sort of expecting hand-painted metallic figures of gnomes riding dogs…

Archetypon? I liked it - it had class…



Please stay with Archetypon. It is a classy name and one you can not mix up with any other vendor. Waevers Kingdom is more like a blog reporting about RW, but not a developers realm. Besides, that name sounds like every other name you find out there. You lose and lot and gain litte, in my humbled opinion.


Dumbing down to Weaver’s Kingdom?

As Jan Fuellmann says Archetypon is classy. It has so many good connotations - architecture, typography, archetypal, type etc. It also has the tone of a top notch Swiss modernist design group. It’s a great brand name with a strong identity. Please leave it alone!

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I couldn’t expect so much appreciation for the archetypon name! I like it too, as I like everything Greek. In fact the company’s registered name is actually Archetypon Brasil.

Fact is that I always had the impression that the majority of my customers don’t have a clue of what it means or even how to pronounce…and this may not be so ok for the business.


But that is actually the secret of the sauce. Somehow a mysterious and interesting name.


Agreed! Archetypon is a classy name and IMHO it should stay.

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How many of your customers actually pronounce it loud? I thought they find you via google and forums and always see the nice tag “web development at its best” to go with it :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan…

I remember in some podcast how hard it was for Ben and Dan to pronounce it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(In Greek it’s ar-ke-tee-pon)

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Ben and Dan don’t count. They have speech dyslexia.


I’m going with Archetypon too. Just so you end up with more people complaining about the change than complaining about how it was :smiley: