Full image width in Omnicon?

I am using Omnicon and inside I am using Heroic Banner. I would like to have the image I am using to be edge to edge. However, there is a large margin on either side. In CSS I put in the code: body {
margin: 0;}, but with no luck. I was wondering if anyone has come across this in Omnicon and come up with a solution.

Hi Pete,
If you have a URL People can look at, that will help a lot. Otherwise someone would have to have the same Theme to replicate to help you with custom CSS.


The code I put in was from Heroic Banner. I also contacted Skyler Knight who hasn’t gotten back to me. I also have the issue using Lode theme.

The photo of the starter should be edge to edge…


Thanks for the suggestion. I just forgot last night to include that.

looks as though the them may have sidebars setup on it. There is also a padding class set. You can try some CSS to get rid of the padding with something like this:
.padding {
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 0;
Check you them to see if you have the option to turn-off sidebar.

Yes, the Omnicon has “off canvas” sidebars and menu, the Lode one does not. I thought I had set both margin and padding to zero, but I will take another look. Thanks for your suggestion.

I have continued to experiment with edge to edge. I could not get that to work using Heroic Banner, but I can get edge to edge using a regular image and linking it using class and banner-image, as found in the instructions for Omnicon. I was also able to get edge to edge for an image using Freestyle 2.