More Banner Woes--Unwanted Margins/Padding

The banner should stretch from side to side with no margins or padding.
Currently, I keep getting margins.
Image size: Pass 1: 1024 x 768 Margins/padding appear
Pass 2: 1200 x 800 No change

Theme: Blanksnap (Bootstrap)
Settings: Pass 1: Content width (Container) (pixels): 1140 px. Margins still appear
Pass 2: Content width: (Container)(percentage) 100 [percent sign not needed?] Margins still appear

Stacks: Bannerstack (Stacks4Stacks, used alone): Margins/padding appear
Freestyle 2 (Stacks4Stacks, used alone): Margins/padding appear

Pass 3: Place Banner stack with image inside Blanksnap Jumbotron Stack. Result: image width reduced, grey background canvas created, margins/padding present.

Complication: RW says “the theme you have selected does not support banner images.” ??? This is a blank, bootstrap-based theme. Bootstrap doesn’t permit banner images??

Switching to the Blank 5.1 theme, the Bannerstack does not work properly. And now the navigation menu is gone. And I’m not as confident that without Bootstrap, that theme will be as responsive as Bootsnap. ![30%20AM|221x499](upload://9A6jv9E5thzX2ejcSegnJa3Av3h.png50%20AM 29%20AM )

Is there a setting that will properly create banners in Rapidweaver?
Is there a stack that will restore the navigation menu?

Here’s the page in question:

That banner graphic is only 200x80!
Try this stack…
Here is a sample with your banner:

If that were only the issue! The uploaded page is probably on v.10 by now, sorry that the wrong graphic was uploaded in the link.
A 1200 x 800 graphic is now used, but the problem remains.

‘Blank’ theme:

This has a maximum width of 940px applied by default in the theme settings. Everything placed within the content container will not be allowed to grow wider than that. Navigation is B.Y.O. Gator would be most suitable.

What if I want a full width banner?

Simply change the Blank theme width setting to Variable, 0px Margin. Now everything will go full width on the page.

How do I make certain parts of the page constrained again?

Use a free stack like UsefulStack or the ‘Container’ stack within the Bootiful Bootstrap stacks. These will let you re-apply a max-width again and constrain things into the centre of the page. We typically do not want writing full width - it makes things very hard to read.

Why are my images placed inside BannerStack still not stretching to full width or what is causing them to become resized?

Dragged and dropped images in Stacks have a maximum width and height of 1200px applied. This is known as a sizing constraint. To remove the constraint, double-click the image in edit mode. In the Layout group of setting, uncheck the Constrain Width and Constrain Height settings.


Try this stack…just looked and it resizes even on phones:
Tested with BootSnap 3

Thanks but “images” are in a different category than a “banner” or a Jumbotron. According to the site, that stack deals with image presentation generally, not images which form the banner image of a site.

How do they differ?

Also called a “hero” image, here is Wikipedia’s definition:

In web design , a hero image is a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center. The hero image is often the first visual element a visitor encounters on the site ; it presents an overview of the site’s most important content.

Otherwise, an image is simply any old picture which does not fulfill this role. The hero image invariably extends to both left and right margins without padding. It’s the image contained within a Rapidweaver theme that is difficult if not impossible to change.

But they’re all just images. No?

That sounds like “The same thing only different”…All BS!!!

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