Full Screen Menu Stack Recommendations?


Any suggestions for a full screen menu stack?

I was following the option to build one with limelight, following shakingthehabitual’s Vista course. However, I’m worried I’d miss out by not adding all the right accessibility things that a menu should have.

So any recommendations for an accessible/A11Y compliant full screen menu stack?

Could you do it with TopBox perhaps?

TopBox v5 should comply with all accessibility requirements. I know for sure it has a mechanism to take your mouse / keyboard focus and then return it back to the page again afterwards, when the lightbox is dismissed. I have seen people building a navigation menu with this stack.


@willwood Great idea, Will. Might you have any links you can share to examples of using TopBox as a menu? I’d be very interested in using this approach.

Thanks for the suggestion Will, but i wonder if it would have the same concerns I had with using limelight? I was thinking of the additional code needed to add to a TopBox based menu such as aria labels, indication of which current page etc.?

An interesting suggestion though :slight_smile:

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