TopBox 4.5 now available

A little while has gone-by since TopBox was last updated (May 2016 to be exact). However this stack still remains one of the most popular stacks we sell and is by-far the most popular lightbox stack available for RapidWeaver.

The aim of this free update is to add a couple of hotly-requested features (like the ability to have a TopBox open automatically on page load). The user interface has also been tidied, to remove some unnecessary settings and make the stack even easier to use.

Changes in version 4.5 include:

  • Fixes a problem whereby HTML5 video was not correctly centred in Firefox Quantum
  • Surplus border, background, layout and responsive controls are now hidden in Stacks 3.5
  • The title text box is now 8 lines tall
  • More efficient loading of jQuery and Font Awesome icons
  • Callbacks now use 8 line input boxes, for easier writing of custom jQuery code
  • All colour pickers support RGBa opacity sliders
  • The input field for the error message supports 2 lines of text
  • Renamed a couple of settings and amended some tooltips for improved clarity
  • You can now close a TopBox using a custom link or button with a class of topBoxClose applied; or a custom element specified in the advanced settings
  • New advanced setting to automatically truncate and ellipse longer titles that span multiple lines
  • New border radius and font size options for titles
  • New checkbox option to hide the TopBox close button, to avoid needing custom CSS code
  • Added the option to automatically open a TopBox as the page loads
  • Optional cookie tracking, to record when a TopBox was closed
  • Minor optimisations for Stacks 3.5 and later
  • By request, TopBox titles (captions) can optionally be displayed as block elements using a new checkbox option
  • Removed some older CSS browser prefixes that are no longer required
  • It is now possible to trigger TopBox stacks using simple buttons (like Bootstrap buttons) or links
  • New option to set the vertical positioning of the title

TopBox 4.5 will show automatically in Stacks as a free update, if you are already using TopBox 4.4.2 and you are a user of Stacks 3.5. Because some of the changes in this update are dependent on features in Stacks 3.5, the update will not show if you are using an older version of the Stacks plugin. There should not be anything that destructively changes your existing TopBox configurations in this update; however as always, please ensure you have got adequate backups before commencing any stack updates!

See the website for the revised documentation. If you are new to TopBox, download the free demo version to try.


I ran the check for updates in Rapidweaver but TopBox 4.5 did not show? I have stacks 3.5.8 installed and TopBox 4.4.2 currently installed. How can I get version 4.5?


Thanks Will for the quick reply. I was able to download 4.5 through my paddle account.

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Great developer, supporter of the RW community & a great human in general. Quick responses to questions and even quicker with a solution. Oh, yea & a wonderful stack called TopBox - Thanks again Will:)

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Ooh I love Topbox and use it a lot! Thanks so much for the update :slight_smile:


Hi Will @willwood ,

Was autoplay of youtube and vimeo videos removed from the recent Topbox update? Or is it that due to lack of support in recent browser versions? I see that autoplay of html5 video still works.

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