TopBox 5 Scrollable Content

Can anyone tell me how to make the content of the TopBox5 stack by Will Woodgate scrollable? I do not see any options for that. If the page is reduced, text content on the Lightbox will disappear and can’t be accessed, because there is no scrollbar. There is probably a way to do it with CSS, but I have not figured out any options. I did try:
.lightbox (also .topbox) with a overflow option set to scroll.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve just added three Scribe stacks to TopBox 5 and the content scrolls automatically, without me having to do anything. I wonder if you’ve changed a setting without realising it?

Might be worth building a new instance of TB and then adding a few paragraph stacks to see if they scroll?

Weirdest thing. I did send the project to Will Woodgate. It worked for him. Scrollbars appeared. When I tried it again, it didn’t. I created a new RW page and copied and pasted only the TopBox elements in and scrollbars showed up. Sequentially added back the other stacks from the non functioning page, until all were on the page. The page still works. So I have no idea why that other page doesn’t work. Very odd, but it looks like I am back up and running. Thanks for responding to my predicament though.

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