Impact hero header

I’m trying to get a hero header using the impact stack. Looking at this page:, the 4th image shows the impact stack within which there is an Impact Image Slide and within that there is a Header.

I can’t work out how to get the final header stack within the Impact Image Slide stack.

Thanks for helping - apologies if this is a simple question, I’m just starting out

  1. Make sure you have the "impact Image Slide Selected
  2. On the stack controls under “Foreground Content” Select “add Content” checkbox
  3. A DropZone will appear on the stacl that you can drop any header or text stack that you Like

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That’s great! Thanks!

Aw… But I wanted to have a big hero header and I thought the lack of the header stack was preventing this from happening. I now realise what having a header stack as a foreground content means. Thanks for making me do this to find out.

But what I really want is a big picture banner hero header. I’m sure I’ll work out how to do this eventually but right now I’m struggling

the impact stack can go Full Screen if used in a theme that allows you to remove any Content Container. I don’t know what themes you have tried but many will put a “wrapper” that will Constrain the main part of a stacks page from stretching the full width of the window.

You might check out some of ThemeFloods themes. @willwood I think has several that allow this. Some are free and others a priced pretty reasonably. They all have a demo version to try before you buy. If you are just learning RapidWeaver check out his CleanSlate Theme (free but you can donate if you really like it). I think it would Allow Impact to go “full screen”.

If you want something more advanced most of the Frameworks themes allow full screen.


I was just using one of the built in themes in version 8. I don’t mind buying themes but it’s a shame rapidweaver doesn’t do these things off the shelf. Thanks again for your help

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