Fuzzy publish .png images?

I’m recreating one of my DreamWeaver sites now with RW and using the exact same .png images. I published a test page of the new site, and the images appear less sharp. It’s noticeable on my iMac, but not so much on my iPad. I’m wondering if there’s some setting in RW to give the images a higher viewing resolution. Please compare the sites and the images:
Created with DreamWeaver:
Created with RW:

I’m getting exactly the same with my .png’s too.

I just added .jpg copies of the first two images. They are the second row. That doesn’t seem to make any difference. There must be some setting I’m missing to improve the resolution.

They both look great to me. I don’t see anything that can be considered fuzzy. They both look sharp.

On a 27 " iMac, not Retina.

I found the problem. My images plus their stack padding was total width greater than the width set for the page. That caused the images to become fuzzy. I’m fixing it now.

They’re good now. Take another look at the page:

I’ll take a look at my .pngs sometime today and see whether the problem goes away.