Gallery 3 by Instack - Thumbnail labels

I have set up my Gallery 3 just how I want it, but I note that the thumbnail labels are generic (e.g. “Stacks Image 249”). It is not picking up the filename. I can’t seem to find the setting or guidance in the instructions. I have selected 'Thumbnail Caption", but I can’t seem to find another setting to hammer it home…

I am using Grid: Justified, Lightbox: Baguette, and ‘Image + Thumb’.

Any help would be amazing!


Can you double click on an image and set the name?


I was just about to delete my post - I did that just a moment ago and I worked it out.

I’m sorry to have troubled you!

Thank you!!!

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Thanks Jan @Fuellemann :smiley:

Explained in the tutorial here:

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