Gallery 3 stack: null/null page

I don’t know what’s going on here!

I am building a site for a friend, using the Iris theme and Gallery 3 stack. It all works brilliantly, up to page 23. For some reason RW is not creating pages numbered 24 onwards.

Gallery 3 uses PHP, so the Page 22 is a composite including PHP page 23 (I think).

So if you look at you’ll see the page as I intended. If you look at you’ll see that Page 23 (the text) loads fine, but not the Gallery PHP bit (page 24). And the page which ought to be page-25/page26.php just gives a 404 error, with the URL showing as

These are linked to from the Europe image on the Home Page. The earlier iterations (ie the first ones I constructed) are working brilliantly - see the family album for comparison. (Oh: and that seems to have lost its security certification!)

I’ve opened a ticket with Dreamhost support asking them if they can explain what’s going on, but just in case it’s not a Dreamhost issue I thought I’d ask here! I’m not even sure if I’m asking the right question.

The page and folder names in RW are only generated so there is something there when it adds the page. They are really intended to be place holders. You should be changing them to something specific to what the page contains.

Best practices is to first make sure “Tidy Website Links” is enabled. With this option enabled, you want unique, descriptive folder names for all of your pages. You want to name the pages “index.html” or “index.php”. RW will change the extension from html to php when a page requires it. Your gallery page will require it.

Do not use spaces or special characters in your folder names. Here’s what your “About Jack” page’s setup should look like:


Hello Don: thanks for helping out again!

I didn’t know about "tidy website links’ but I’ve just checked and that box is ticked. Who knows why it wasn’t doing it? (I’ve never touched the pagination since experimenting and messing up a website!)

Anyway that makes sense, and I can do it manually. However the About Jack page is a very simple text page; the Gallery 3 pages seem to be composites, using one text page and one php page - ie the folder name is (in this example) page-22 but the filename is page23.php.

If the programme isn’t going to generate tidy website links, which is what I’d expect, I’m at a loss how to change these names so that they still work!

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Oh, and I’ve just noticed something else, which is that there are two files name “index.html”. I don’t know if that’s relevant but I’m sure it’s not right!

Tidy links allow links to stop at the folder level and not include the file name. This works, because if the file name is not provided in the link, the web server will serve the index.html/php file, if there is one in the folder.

Tidy link:

Regular link:

The tidy links setting only affects how RW builds the links to pages.

The reason the gallery 3 page is not loading the gallery is because it’s not finding the ftp folder you’re trying to load the images from. It’s not related to the folder and page name. However, let’s get your page names fixed first.

Again, set all the folder to be descriptive of the content. Set all the page names to index.html or index.php (for the gallery pages).

As long as the folder names are different, you can have as many index.html files are you need. In fact, when setup correctly, all your folder names will be unique and all pages will be index.html or index.php. It’s perfectly fine and correct.

One more thing. I just noticed that the folder you’re trying to load photos from is named “Norway”. Most web servers are case-sensitive, so “Norway” and “norway” are two different folders.

For this reason, it’s always best to use lowercase for all folder and file names. Its much easier in the long run.

All my file names have initial caps - should I change them on the server?

Secondly, I realise that I’ve put in spaces (ie [St Christophers]) where I think probably it should be [st_christophers] on the server. I think I did know that but was encouraged by the fact it appeared to be working for the first experimental upload. I need to change those, yes?

no spaces, use - or _ lowercase

Thanks Scott: just working my way through them all now, having realised the school girl error!


I have renamed all the folders on the server so that they’re all lower case and all one continuous stream (ie no spaces). I’ve republished the files and it’s all working, except for Switzerland! I presume that’s because I need to rename the filename and republish again. So what should I be renaming the files?

Edit: I have renamed the Switzerland file page26 and it seems to be working…

Two other (maybe not related things)

  1. I’m getting an error message that there are two “index” files on my server.

  2. The security certificate doesn’t seem to be applying itself. Let’s Encrypt is supposed be installed and Dreamhost confirms it…

Name all pages: index.html

Except the ones using Gallery 3. Name those: index.php

  1. You can only have one index file in a folder. You’ll need to use an FTP app or the file manager function in your hosing control panel. If you find both an index.html and an index.php in the same folder, you need to determine which to delete. See which is newer and delete the older one.

I took a look and you have both an index.html file and an index.php file in your main (root) folder. That’s causing your warning.

  1. Your SSL certificate seems to be working fine. When I go to your site, I see the padlock icon.

Okay. So I can call each “index” because each goes into a different folder, yes? So html for all the non Gallery 3 pages, and .php for them. Got it. That will replace the stacks files instructions in the “files” section in each image folder, yes?

I will check the root files for the rogue index file. Could that be what’s causing the SSL lock to fail, because this is what I see! It applies to all the pages thereafter.


No that would not have anything to do with SSL. What page are you seeing the insecure warning?

Safari and Firefox both show as secure on your home page.


I’ve specified the URL in the Publishing details as https (rather than http) and republished and that now seems to be fine.

I have renamed all the files as you suggest, but I think it’s still working off pages. It is at least working, and that a huge step forward. I’ll do some more on it tomorrow and see if I can create new folders which play nicely, and then I’ll stop worrying. Thank you so much for your help,

(My friend is delighted, by the way…)

Well, I thought the problem was due to the curse of Iron Foot Jack.

Thank you for introducing us to Jack Paynton–who is not Iron Foot Jack.

Do you know, I wouldn’t disagree with that analysis. I wouldn’t want to encounter Iron Foot Jack in a Soho alleyway, that’s for sure.

if you go to and find 3418 (the pageboy holding up the music) then that’s me. My friend is 3450, the slightly goofy Queen…

All the changes you made look correct. It’s much better than having pages and folders named “page-XX”. I think you can cross the page name/folder name issue off your list!

I also noticed your Gallery 3 images are working.

Nice job!

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It’s all done, or at least the first working draft is!

I’m happy and the client (hah: my friend) is blown away and clearly thinks it’s magic. It’s taken weeks rather than a few days but that’s life when you do a favour for a friend.

Thank you so much for your help. I seriously doubt I’d have got here without your patient assistance.