Linking gallery thumbnails to a HTML file

Hello to the Forum, I just introduced myself into the relative section of the forum and, as a very RW newbie (and totally unable about HTML language), I’m going to stress you with my questions. I have a personal web site to share my hobby, astrophotography (, but did it with iWeb many years ago and now it’s time to give a more modern appearance to the site. So I got RW without any usage before (I hope my confidence will be rewarded). Obviously I begun to play with RW and one the the most important pages of my site should be the Gallery page. But I had a little problem: my gallery page (in my original site) contains many thumbnails linked to a html page (made with DW) in witch there the text datas of the objects represented. In the RW gallery clicking on the thumbnails leads to the original hi res image and I can’ figure out how to give them the html address, since no link button is visible on the galley page. If you have a minute go to to better understand.
Many thanks for your support.

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