Ultimate Gallery Stack Weird After Stacks 3 Update

Just sent a support email to Weaveraddons - but I’ve read that they are slow to respond and I;m in a pinch.

I have several artists pages with portfolios built with the Ultimate Gallery Drag and Drop. After I updated to latest RW and Stacks 3, although I merely added 2 images and touched no settings, the thumbnails are smaller than the set size and there is now a black box below them. I have sites to update and it will be a huge headache to replace all of these galleries. Does anyone know if this is an issue with the Stacks update?

Thank you!

It looks like the thumbnails have been converted to squares. If you double-click each picture does it show an image inspector ? If so did you try tweaking those settings, perhaps Stacks 3 handles images a little differently.

I use the Warehouse version of this stack (a lot) and I have not seen any problems. I just put the images into a folder on my site and then link to that folder in the Warehouse stack, it builds the thumbnails automatically and I have not seen any change in that behavior with Stacks 3.

You are in a VERY BIG pinch, WeaverAddons has not responded to anything, support, twitter, ANYTHING, in over 2 years. There are other posts on the forums about this, hopefully you get your issue answered, but do not expect any response from WeaverAddons.

Ugh. Thanks guys, looks like I might have some unanticipated work ahead!

Just checked, I don’t see that anything has changed :frowning:

Do you know of anything comparable? A grid format to display thumbs that lightbox? Thank you!

I needed the same solution since I am a former Weaveraddons user. I chose to purchase (sigh, yes it just had to be done) Weaverpix and then Will Woodgate’s Ultimate Gallery theme that works with it. There are lots of options and these two developers are solid with the RW community and you can count on them being there to improve and update the product. So check it out.

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but did you try resizing the thumbnails that you added so they are the same size as the others before dropping them into the stack….?

Hi, the thumbnails are self generated, the actual images, which are displayed in the lightbox are 600 X 800. I tried changing the thumbnail settings but nothing changed no matter what i set in the HUD. This is the live page which I need to update:


One thing you could try is to go into Preview and then View the Source, then compare that section of the source that has the images in (with the black bar) and compare with the Source from your active webpage. Perhaps there is something that will stand out that can be corrected with some tweaking of the stack.

Otherwise you may have to find another lightbox stack and then use something like Useful Grid (https://stacks4stacks.com/usefulgrid/) to handle the thumbnail layout.

I know no help, but my Ultimate Gallery pages survived the recent RW and Stacks update unscathed. I do have the republish all pages bug, but thats a different issue :slight_smile:

Dunno if you figured it out, but on my Safari web browser it still looks like the original… i.e no black boxes.

Mine is working too, all images are warehoused and the code generates the thumbnails automatically. If that stack ever stops working I am screwed. I don’t know of any stack that comes close to the functionality that this one offers. All I have to do is upload my photos to a folder (via Fetch) and the thumbnails all show up when I go to the website. Wesley wrote some cool stuff !

I’m using the drag and drop version of the gallery. Hmmmm

So am I and have no current issues. My hobby server can’t handle the PHP gallery processing efficiently, although I’d love to use it that way.

It looks like the auto fill/size option quit working and you end up with a image within a fixed size box.

Just a note that I now use Iris theme galleries (NickCatesDesign) for most of my photos gallery pages.

I am still using Ultimate for linked video and photo type applications where have not seen this issue yet.

For grins I went back into one of my older Ultimate photo gallery pages and added two photos and did not see this issue. As far as I can tell the only differences is I’m using “none” as background and “flexible” fill (set to 100%)

Hi guys, maybe you should check http://www.pulsecms.com/ , the gallery part is similar to the ultimate gallery + you have a full flat CMS that comes with it (but you don’t have to use it).

Just my 2c :wink:

Hello Mark419,

I am using Iris and found this thread. I have created a site that is much like your Live Sample 1 but when I view the site using Mobile Simulator for iPad (which I do not have for an actual test), the “Menu” button changes into a full nav menu and overlaps the Site Title and Slogan. The same thing happens on the landscape view of the Kindle Fire, which I also do not have, but the portrait view of the Kindle is fine, as is the iPhone, both views.

Does yours also do that? If not, do you know how to force the menu button to stay, and to never show the full nav menu?

Mark, sorry I cannot help you with this, but check out

Are you just seeing this with the simulator? I haven’t had that issue on the site, but I will say that the point at which the screen width changes from the top to mobile menu is pretty finite. Do you have the latest version of Iris? I know there were a couple of bugs in the beginning. Shoot an email to Nick or Aaron, they;re very good at working through issues. Best, Mark

PS - Just wanted to add that the simulator isn’t always accurate as to what you’ll see in the wild.