Gallery captions

Hi all,

I’m using the gallery stack and have captions for all my images through light box.
However, whilst captions are showing on Firefox and Chrome, I’m having different results with Safari;
Safari on Mac; captions not showing
Safari on iPad; captions working
Safari on iOS; not showing.

Any ideas?



Hi Darren,

What Gallery Stack are you using? There are a number of them out there.

A URL to at least a test page would also be helpful.

Hi, thanks for quick reply.
I’m using the default gallery in Foundry and here is link to my gallery;


Mac Safari Version 13.1 (15609.
Captions show here, try clearing your cache :wink:
iPhone seems OK too.

Okay, I’m assuming since you have iPad as a separate item that this is for iPhone?

Anyway I’m seeing the captions (when you open the gallery)

Brilliant thanks for your help.
I did clear all cache but wasn’t showing, but will give it another try.
Many thanks for your help.


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