Problem with Collapsible Stack and Safari

(Mary Delton) #1

I am trying to use Cos Culture’s Collapsible Stack to “hide” some info on a web site. The stack seems to work as I want it to but. . . if I put it in an Extracontent Container in my theme (I am using Will Woodgate’s Flood theme) it shows up fine in “Preview” and if I use the “Preview in Safari” while in RW, it shows up fine too.

HOWEVER, on my Macbook Pro using Safari 12.0, or FireFox 62.0.3, the Collapsible Stack does not show up. Nor does it show up on my iPhone which was just updated. If I remove the Collapsible stack from the EC container, it does show up.

So why does the website look one way in “Preview” and “Preview in Safari” yet isn’t correct when using my computer browser. Any ideas?


(Joe Martin) #2

I don’t have the theme or stack you talked about…here is mint…and 3 different stacks…all inside EC areas.
All working on several browsers and iPhone.

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(Mary Delton) #4

Thanks for the ideas of other stacks. I actually have ivy2 so can give that a try.


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