Gallery, Products, E-Commerce: RW8 Best Combo?

Hi, I’m looking to update an ecommerce site that is currently using Wordpress. I’d like to do this with RW.
Using RW 8
Stacks 3.
RW’s new Climate theme.

I have Yourhead’s Grid stack which displays OK (I can’t use 4x4 for some reason, I think there’s interference with the theme. Still troubleshooting.)
I don’t see a way, though it’s easy to do in raw html, for the image to link to a separate page–perhaps there’s a stack trick?
That linked page needs an ecommerce link. I like the way Cartloom works, but it apparently doesn’t support Gumroad.

I’d appreciate stack or RW-baked in recommendations.

Here’s the project file:

Select the image, and then in the bottom row, the link icon.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

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