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I have started my website with RW. What are the best stacks for uploading photos? I want to have ONE page with a list of albums, each album represented by one picture. Then by clicking on the procure, a page with all other pics of the same album will open.
What is the best solution for this?

using RW 8 Mountains Theme

Do you mean to display images or upload them?

I’m going to assume you want to display the images .

As for the “Laucnh” page you could do that a number of ways. you could use some simple 2, 3 or 4 column stack, depending on how large you want the images that launch the Galleries and how many you want to display.

In each of those columns place a link stack (Here is a free one from Joe Workman) and inside the link stack place a site image (or any image stack you like).

You would then setup a page for each Album that you want. You would set the link for the image to goto that page.

Now the Gallery there are two top contenders that come to mind:


So with ProGallery, what you can do is disable the lightbox effect and create a basic grid of thumbnail images that can be set as links to subpages.

You can use those subpages to sort your images into categories, subjects or albums. Again you can present the images as thumbnails on these subpages, but this time with the ability to have them open in a lightbox, complete with titles and captions.

ProGallery is presently undergoing a major update, adding many user-requested features. This update will be FREE for most current users. I hope to have it finished soon, in time for Black Friday. In the meantime, there is a trial version to download and install on your computer.

Another for your evaluation.

It fits your requirement to have one image for each gallery but you need to find what makes sense for you. A plus is that you can use warehoused images.

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this looks real interesting - thanks!!

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