GDPR privacy policy generator

Anyone got one that they’ve used and would be prepared to recommend?

Preferably free of course, but happy to pay if it does its part of the job.

Looking for recommendations that people have actually implemented, rather than just Google-based results. :sunglasses:

Many thanks


I don’t know if this can help…

Interesting, thanks. I’m hoping to find something a bit simpler, if I’m honest - though who knows if that’s possible?


Funnily enough I’m also looking at this issue right now. I’m looking at: There’s a choice between personal and business. Although they do have a disclaimer at the bottom (which is fair enough) this might be a possible option to cover the basics.

Used several stuff from these guys:

Yeah, I looked at that too. Thanks.

Hi Guys. Here Wanni from Italy. If you search for a good service for Privacy Policy e Cookie Policy, you can look at: I use it for 5 of my client website with a multi-licensing purchase and I find it very easy to implement and with an affordable price (19€/annual license per domain or in discount with multi-license with more than 5 licenses). You can try for free for a limited selection of clauses and some restriction.
With PRO-License they offer Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Cookie Solution to block prevent cookie. They are composed of a team of lawyers and are updated on the topics. They are always aware of the latest news and follow the theme of the GDPR carefully (

Hope to help you…

Ciao Wanni sono un designer italiano e sto cercando di capire come gestire sta cosa del gdpr. Giuro che ho cercato molto in giro e devo dire che non ho capito molto sulle modalità di applicazione di questa politica. Se tu potessi farmi chiarezza te ne sarei grato!!

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