General Settings: Draft & Open in New Window

Under General Settings we are given the option to create a page as Draft - Show in Navigation - Open in New Window.

Show in Navigation is easy to understand.

Can anybody explain what happens when a draft page is created.

When you publish, what happens to the Draft page?

Does this create a page on your server that must eventually be managed to minimize server bloat?

If you create a draft page what happens to the draft version on the server when you uncheck this option?

My site is about kitchens my cabinet shop produces.
Every kitchen will have it’s own page that is essentially identical.
Would I create a master page via Draft then duplicate that for each new kitchen page?

What does “Open in New Window” accomplish?

If they open a page in a new window does this take them completely away from the original website? Why would I want my user to Open in a new window?

Draft pages can be created and previewed using Rapidweaver but aren’t published. So it’s a way to work on a page before committing to publishing it.

I can imagine there are cases for using ‘Open in New Window’ but in nearly 10 years I’ve never used it, so I wouldn’t worry about it.


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