Pages set to "Draft" do not publish. Right?

(Gary Davis) #1

I just need to be sure. Certain it must be in the manual, but I cannot find it. Put “draft” or “draft page” into the manual search box – nada. So, would someone confirm or deny this for me?

BTW, I have never been able to find anything with the RW manual search engine. I do better with Google. But it gives me pages that I then cannot find what I want on.

(Christopher Watson) #2

Correct. Pages set to draft do not publish.
But remember; if you have published a page and then set it to draft, the files and page will remain on the server (although, RW will amend links so you cannot see the page)

(Gary Davis) #3

Good thing to remember. And thanks. I think that “draft” setting must be what used to be called “enable”.