Generative Websites…inspiration for Elements

Interesting thing here that touches on some of the things that I think Elements can bring to the table. Dan recently demoed using ChatGPT for putting custom code into a HTML component (excellent demo btw). If you go to WebSim AI, you can see the creation of websites generatively. And here is a YouTube video where Matt demos it and talks about the future of the generative world. Generative Websites

Where I think Elements can be strong is by blending this generative power with a predictable structure. Even in Dan’s demo posted today, he commented on how he got different answers each time he requested ChatGPT generate code. I don’t think that website visitors and website clients are going to want unpredictable websites. Elements can leverage the power of GenAI to create components within a structure that is the vision of a real designer. And can extend and modify prebuilt components created to work with Elements by expert designers…people with a real eye for what works and looks good.


This is saying what I was thinking. You said better than I could have. :+1: :1st_place_medal:

The inconsistency is going to cause a huge support issue. The results are simply not duplicatable. In the hands of a 3rd party developer that works through the variables and then releases a “code frozen” product, the possibilities are endless!

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