Get Go CMS Unlimited - FREE - But it is NOT

I don’t expect developed stacks to be free (€0,-), but it is misleading when on the Rapidweaver store states ‘Get Go CMS Unlimited - FREE’ and on clicking that button end up in the @yabdab store to find out it is $149,-.

On the Rapidweaver community website I think and find developers should state the correct price. Just my opinion.

How do you know it is the developers fault? The site belongs to Realmac.

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You can download and test Go CMS for nothing in order to evaluate it, but save is disabled.


You can expect developers checking their products on the RW community site. There, you can not report a fault or file a complaint.

@dan ?

Developers are by themselves responsible for the information displayed on the rw community site.

But: You have limited functionality there. For example, it is just not possible to mention that one product is only available in a bundle. Or, that there is a free demo without saving capabilities.

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