Go CMS on offer

Go CMS is on offer and a search seems to suggest not many of you are using it. It seems good value compared to Total CMS, but not so much with Armadillo. Am I missing something?

It’s nothing like as sophisticated as Total CMS, but much easier to set up than Armadillo.

It allows on-page editing of text, images and very simple slideshows, and has a very attractive built-in blog. It also allows clients to add Soundcloud tracks to their sites on the fly. I bought it specifically for this when a client asked for it.

Previously Go was sold per domain but now it’s unlimited, I think it’s good value for simple edits - and it’s really quick to set up.



@nickcates, on the latest version of iOS for iPad GoCMS does not show up on your website. I did a google search and found the demo site but no product sales page. RapidWeaver community also has no product. Is the still available?

EDIT: same thing with iOS for iPhone.

It’s now on Yabdab’s website https://www.yabdab.com/stacks/go-cms


Thank you for that! Didn’t know that transaction happened.

Ah Neil beat to it! Thanks Neil. In short Go CMS was co-created by Mike (Yabdab) and I. Overtime, it became very apparent the heart of Go CMS was reliant on Mike’s amazing backend skillset, so when Go CMS Unlimited was released, we decided it best under his Yabdab brand.


@yabdab, so I will ask you then.

What is the change in version 2? More than licensing? I was looking on your website for update history but I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  • Use on Unlimited Web sites!
  • Easier License setup and password editing
  • Persisting Edit Login ( login once per web session )
  • RSS Feed for Blogs
  • Action Log ( see what was changed )
  • Number and Bullet Lists
  • Easier Post Navigation



Thank you yabdab, This looks great. Can clients also add new pages similar to Armadillo adding posts or Word Press adding pages? :smile:

@Happy No, new pages cannot be created from outside RapidWeaver. You will initially create the page with the Content stack in RapidWeaver and publish it. After that, the user can edit that page how they choose.

I hope this helps answer your question.

@yabdab Ok, Thank you. When they add posts for a blog, does that extend the page to how many blogs they add? Could a new blog be used as a class page? It still may work by having the class pages set at the beginning. I just thought it may be easier when they add new classes at their studios to have that function. Thanks again. It does look like a GREAT program! :slight_smile:

The post are schedule ?


@babgond I don’t understand your question?

@Happy A blog page can have as many Blog Posts as you like. Furthermore, you can set how many posts are shown on the page at once. Pagination will kick in if more that max amount.

You can have several different “Blog” pages on any given site, just not more than one on a single page.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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To my knowledge, it isn’t possible to schedule posts for sometime in the future.


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Oops, I’m sorry.
I would like to know if it is possible to choose the date of publication of a ticket? (scheduled posts)

No. You can specify a date in the future when you create the post but as soon as you save it, the post is published to the blog.

In 2.0.1 I will make it so Blog posts with future date are hidden. will that work?


Damn, the promotion on Go CMS is no longer available … This morning it was still available :sob:
Too bad

@yabdab, can each blog page serve as an online class with videos and can a client add as many blog pages as they have classes? They would also have to only allow enrolled students access to each class blog page so some kind of membership feature would be helpful. A few years a go I used Sitelok with Armadillo and they worked perfectly. However, my clients found it confusing to work from two different dashboards. They want easy and the ability to add and delete classes as needed. They also don’t want wordpress and prefer a static sight with enough CMS to let them handle their own classes Thank you for the information. :slight_smile: