Getting Rapidweaver to update

(Kenneth Wilkinson) #1

I’ve been using RW since version 4. Since version 5.4 I’ve never managed to get Rapidweaver to update…

I’ve got RW version 7, opened it today and it told me that a new version (7.5) was available, and asked if I wanted to install it.

I said yes, it downloaded a 1.8MB file, extracted it, installed it (saying it would restart RW); and then nothing.

RW doesn’t restart, and when I open RW it advises me there’s an update… you get the idea, constant non-working loop.

It’s done this to me for years now, why doesn’t it work?

I’ll do what I normally do; download the demo version and install that. It is irritating though.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Strange as this works seamlessly for me, although I always do go and download the full version as well, and name it RapidWeaver 7.5 so when I get beta updates I can have the latest stable version as well.