Instructions to get 5.4.1 rapidweaver update

(Gail Berreitter) #1

I have version 5.3.2 and the “Check for Update” in the program doesn’t work. I downloaded the zip file for this one but it isn’t doing anything. How do I get the update to work?

(Oscar Schmid) #2

Here you can download RW 5.4.1

The file is self-extracting (takes about 1 minute) and you found RW 5.4.1 in the download folder. It is also called RapidWeaver.

(Gail Berreitter) #3

Thank you so much. I thought it would have looked like the other one, i.e., rapidweaver5 but it just said rapidweaver. it is now updated! but when i go to about, it just says 5.4, not 5.4.1. Is this still okay or do I need to download another update?

(Oscar Schmid) #4

Download RW 5.4.1 !!

(Gail Berreitter) #5

dang it all. thought i did that one as well. ok, just did it…again. it worked. i’m a bit nervous about moving to 6 though. do i have any more updates to do first?

(Oscar Schmid) #6

Open and save your projects with RW 5.4.1
Now you can open the project with RW 6.
All plugins must be up do date!
You can copy your addons in RW 6

(Brian LaPan) #7

There’s a pinned topic to help you with the upgrade:

(Oscar Schmid) #8

Thank you

Sometimes I/you think it is easier to quickly answer the question

(Brian LaPan) #9

Hey Oscar,

Hahahaha… I know what you’re saying. I did that (and the other time, too) to also point out that many questions have already been answered and a quick search will help them find the answer they’re looking for. Also, there’s A LOT of information in that post and I’d rather (specifically for upgrading) they have AS MUCH info as possible. Otherwise, if they miss a step at the start, everything breaks and they sometimes have to start over.

Thanks for the note, though! I’m always open for ideas/collaboration. Hope you had a great weekend.

(Oscar Schmid) #10

I have to mark this/my thread, so I can always quote quickly :wink:

(Gail Berreitter) #11

I went in to About in RapidWeaver and it say Version 5.4(14040). Is this V541? Because I’ve installed this a few times and it won’t show 541. Signed Frustrated in FL.

(Brad Halstead) #12

RW 5.4.1 displays as Version 5.4.1 (14041) in About

I got it from here by scrolling down to RapidWeaver 5.4.1 Download Link.


(Gail Berreitter) #13

nevermind. i just realized i didn’t delete the old icon of RW. now i’m all set. you would think that the program would delete the old ones as they do in programs on a PC. thanks for all your help!

(Gail Berreitter) #14

Hi Oscar, Thanks for the help. I have RW6 installed now. I have some themes I bought and in the Manage Addons under developers, the themes show as drawings.

Do I need to be concerned about how these look here?

ALSO, RW says, “RapidWeaver 6 will open your .rwsw project file, create a copy of it and upgrade the copy to the new .rw6 project format ready to use.” Where does the old file get copied to in my computer?

(Brad Halstead) #15

I would check the developers website to see if they are RW6 compatible or if they have an update available.

RW leaves the RW5 project where it sits, does not move it or rename it. RW6 opens the project, converts it to RW6 format and when you save the project it will prompt you for a new location, typically in the same folder where the RW5 project was opened. Both can co-exist in the same folder, BUT once the project is converted and saved in RW6 it cannot be edited in RW5.


(Oscar Schmid) #16

Brad is right.
Both files are there, the old for RW 5, the new for RW 6 in the same place, but you can move the file wherever you want.

(Gail Berreitter) #17

then i am thinking that i should probably open 5 up and save my websites (I do a few of them) as a copy and then open that copy up in 6 to make sure everything is working. am i overthinking it or is this a smart move?

(Brad Halstead) #18

IMHO, You’re overthinking it, you can open the RW5 project in RW6 and save it, it will save as a RW6 project and NOT modify your original RW5 project in any way, shape or form.


(John S.) #19

I was trying to download a new copy of RW 5.4.1 from the link provided above (, but the download doesn’t work.

Does anyone know of an alternate location to download it from?


(Menno) #20