Where am I? Help me get back up and running please

Hello, it’s been several months since I’ve updated my website, today I thought was the day I would do it… and of coarse my rapidweaver 5 wont even launch and I see there is now RW 6 and again looks like i’ll have to pay more money and invest much time navigating my way again.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, guess it’s frustrating but I understand things can’t stay the same forever :slight_smile:

Anyways my current goal is - make some small updates to my RW5 site without spending any money at this time if possible.

My question- where do I start when I can’t even launch RW and have little to memory of what plugins I have etc, It’s taken me quite a while just to work out I most likely have RW5 as I couldn’t even remember that.

my system is 10.10.5

Any tips advice would be great, thanks in advance if always had great support here and is much appreciated :slight_smile:

It could be that your version 5 is outdated, my suggestion would be you upgrade to the latest release first. You can download it here:


Rename your old Rapidwever first, and install using the new one. It might be needed to re-enter the serail, but I am not sure. After that, you are running the latest supported version 5, don’t forgot to upgrade your stacks/plug-ins after this as software has dependencies…

Hope this helps, good luck :wink: